Osteopathy Osteo 41, Kloten

Welcome to the Osteopathic Practice Osteo 41 at the fitness centre Halle 41 in Kloten! Osteopathy is a holistic complementary medicine for prevention and healing. Soft tissues, joints or organs are treated with gentle manual techniques to restore the functionality, vitality and resilience of the body. Thanks to the diversity and range of osteopathic techniques, there are no age limits in osteopathy. Whether newborns, pregnant women, athletes or senior citizens, everyone can benefit from osteopathic treatment. The complementary health insurance usually covers part of the treatment costs.


Osteopathy for Pain

Osteopathy can act as a primary measure or as a complementary medical treatment in an interdisciplinary framework.


Osteopathy and Pregnancy

To provide optimum support for the woman’s body during and after pregnancy in times of major physical changes.


Pediatric Osteopathy

Cranio-Sacral-Therapy is a gentle manual technique particularly suitable for newborns.


Osteopathy and Internal Organs

Visceral osteopathy treats the internal organs and their surrounding structures.


Osteopathy and Sport

Supports performance, enhancement and optimization of the technical process.


Osteopathy and Prevention

An osteopathic treatment can be preventive since functional disorders often show no symptoms at the beginning.